Ecobee integration

I have configured my Ecobee as an application/devices. I am looking to create a rule that utilizes them to turn on a switch once activity is detected.

Essentially once we are awake/active it will trigger the pump that does the hot water circulation.

When creating a rule in RM I see the option to trigger based on motion, but it only shows the ecobee remote sensors, and not the 'presence' of the thermostat itself. Thoughts?

The Ecobee integration does not implement on the thermostat itself. If you look in the device details you can see that the state variables don't show any presence attribute:

Also, the ecobee cloud is highly unreliable and has a ton of outages, I would never rely on them for any kind of presence monitoring.

Bummer, seemed like an easy way for me to trigger the pump. Thanks for confirming that I wasn't missing something.

There might be other options based on your "normal" behavior in the morning,

e.g. is there a certain light switch that gets turned on every morning, like to the bathroom or so? That could be a trigger

Not to mention, even using the remote ecobee sensors as motion triggers there is around a 5 minute delay before it updates between active/inactive status. Thereby not reliable for anything needed instantly.

Yeah, I didnt want to use the remote sensors, just the main thermostat as it's in close proximity to all of the showers.

The Ecobee Suite from @ storageanarchy can use the sensor data from the Ecobee thermostat along with external sensors. There is an option in the configuation. I currently use it and haven't had any issues with his suite.

You can see below it creates a sensor from the thermostat:

And I agree these sensors are not "motion" they are occupancy and it the Ecobee integration in Hubitat polls the API from Ecobee's cloud. I have mine set to poll every 3 minutes. Since the sensor is occupancy it can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes before a room shows unoccupied. But they do almost immediately report occupied but wont reflect it in Hubitat until it's polled.