Ecobee Integration Fails to Update ThermostatOperatingState

Hi, I recently got a Hubitat and have been having some issues. Occasionally the hub will not update the Ecobee's ThermostatOperatingState while it runs. I have polling set to 1 minute and there are no errors. Everything else will update but the state will remain at idle instead of heat or cool. Every time I have checked, Ecobee's website shows that their cloud service is operational. Any ideas?

If you have polling set to 1 minute is it possible you're being rate-limited and not always getting accurate data?

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@brad5 hit the nail on the head. I would suggest polling once every 5 minutes or so.

From the ecobee Developer documentation:

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my ecobee experience has been horrible, I removed it from my HE apps as it was inaccurate and not connected consistently/reliably(that was about 2 years ago). I just use the default Ecobee settings. And actually yesterday my Ecobee 3 w/alexa started going berserk with the green light flashing for over 3 hours, had to factory reset the POS.
My Vivint Element is 10x more reliable and connects directly with HE

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