Ecobee FanMode

Hi, I am trying to control Ecobee fan mode . Fan Mode ON working , but for auto I am getting error "Thermostat Fan mode ( auto) is not a valid mode for this thermostat device...".

Maybe someone know how to fix this problem ?

There should be a Auto mode for Fan. Perhaps you should give some detail on how you are trying to do this. What driver are you using, what model, etc..

Hi , Thank you for reply

here some details "

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version

Hardware Version

Rev C-7

echobee3 firmware Version


Error: 2020-08-12 11:59:59.288 am warnThermostat Fan mode ( auto) is not a valid mode for this thermostat device...

Thank you.

Should be valid you can see on the device page that On and Auto are valid fan modes.

So you get the error in the logs but does the thermostat actually go into correct fan mode?

If the Device is setting up properly but you are getting the warning, perhaps send a note to HE support if that is the native driver you are using.

If I change fanMode from device page everything is working.


dev:32020-08-13 05:10:56.238 am debug switchToFanMode- fanMode:auto

dev:32020-08-13 05:10:56.236 am debug setThermostatFanMode- mode:auto

dev:32020-08-13 05:10:42.683 am debug switchToFanMode- fanMode:on

dev:32020-08-13 05:10:42.681 am debug setThermostatFanMode- mode:on

But from dashboard switching back to "auto" is not

dev:32020-08-13 05:12:23.142 am warn
Thermostat Fan mode ( auto) is not a valid mode for this thermostat device...

dev:32020-08-13 05:12:23.141 am debug setThermostatFanMode- mode: auto

One thing I see is different is "space before auto"

Is it possible to fix typo my self ?

If you are using a native HE driver then no. You can modify custom drivers and apps, they can be found under the app code or driver code. The native stuff can not be changed by the user, AFAIK. You probably need to send a note to support

Might be worth changing the title, as this isn’t specific to Ecobee. The App (eg Version 1.1.0 Build 88, on IOS) is prefixing the space when it makes the call to Hubitat when interacting with any T-stat.

I have Z-Wave thermostats, using the Generic Z-Wave Thermostats driver, and these exhibit the same issue when attempting to change the T-stat fan mode.

@bobbyD FYI... in case you haven’t seen this Hubitat Phone app issue with Setting FanMode on the support email line.

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