Ecobee Fan Controls

Hey there. New user to Hubitat and I'm wrapping my head around the rule machine. I've been stumped by something and hoping you all can help. On my first floor I have an ecobee thermostat with two external sensors.... one in the laundry room and one in the living room. In the living room I have a gas fireplace that puts off a lot of heat when running. I set up a rule so when the temperature in the living room gets a certain value above the temperature in the laundry room it triggers the HVAC fan to turn on. Idea being the HVAC fan will help circulate the warmer air throughout the house while the fireplace is running.

That part works fine but I'm having trouble getting the thermostat to come back to it's normal schedule once the temperature evens out. Hubitat places the thermostat in hold at 68 degrees and it doesn't adjust when my ecobee schedule adjusts. I have the ecobee set to hold for 4 hours but it still will not return to the normal schedule.

I like the way the schedule works in the ecobee system and would like to continue using that vs setting a schedule in the Hubitat. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.


You should have an option to resume schedule

Thank you. Do you mean in hubitat or ecobee?

In Hubitat. Custom action.