Ecobee control handoff

I’ve install and am trying to figure out Ecobee control. I’ve installed and tried both the native control and Ecobee Suite. The suite certainly stays connected better and has a ton of options. My question is how do I determine who has control of the t-stat Ecobee or HE?

Ultimately I would like to primarily use the schedule onboard the Ecobee but be able to override and have the HE take control for short periods. When those periods are over, return control to the Ecobee. What setting will allow this?

Both have control at the same time. You will not want to schedule anything within HE if you schedule in Ecobee and vice versa. Otherwise the T-stat will start to get confused.

Is there a command for “return to your onboard schedule”?

Yes, there is a resume schedule command in Ecobee suite.

There are many ways to resume schedule. What I have done is let the Ecobee do the heavy lifting and only nudge it with my Hubitat events once and a while. In the thermostat settings I have it set to resume schedule 2 hours after a manual change. i figured why re-invent the wheel if the guys at Ecobee have already done the hard work for me.

If you set to away mode, you would also want to continue the schedule. Similarly with a pre-scheduled vacation. You can resume from Hubitat.