Echo Speaks SMS Not Sending out any messages

No I have not sent 1 message,... so i did not hit the quota of 10 per day.

When testing to send a message to +15552223333 I get the logs generated below.

dev:3582019-01-29 05:44:13.312 pm traceAlexa Playlists Changed to [:]

dev:3562019-01-29 05:44:03.455 pm tracecheckQueue | Nothing in the Queue... Performing Queue Reset

dev:3562019-01-29 05:44:00.392 pm infoSpeakCommand Sent Successfully | Length: (14) | Execution Time (291ms) | Recheck Wait: (1 sec) | CmdID: (156)

app:7672019-01-29 05:44:00.147 pm infoSMS TEST Triggered

dev:3562019-01-29 05:44:00.102 pm debugspeakVolumeCmd([cmdDesc:SpeakCommand, message:TEST TEST TEST, newVolume:null, oldVolume:null, cmdDt:1548801840100])...

app:7672019-01-29 05:44:00.067 pm infoSMS TEST: Trigger at Certain Time

Alexa did speak the test command. No sms were sent. Any rule i set up does not send any SMS.

Since this is a third party app I would:
A) Ask in the main Echo Speaks thread
B) PM the developer.
C) At least @ mention them here to get their attention for your issue.

I don't use it, but good luck.

I did PM the Dev.. Thank you..

I have also created a test rule not using the app and had the same results.

Oh so this is a question more about the SMS functionality of Hubitat then.
Yeah then I'd make especially sure something else wasn't texting somebody or somehow unexpectedly and then submit a ticket.

I try to avoid SMS like the plague.
IFTTT to Telegram for me.