Echo Speaks, Rule Machine and Withings sleep mat

Hi new to Hubitat and I'm trying to create a smart alarm clock (I struggle to get out bed lol). I'm basically using the withings sleep mat and IFTTT to turn on and off a virtual switch for when I'm in/out of bed.
I want music/sounds to play when I'm in bed then to turn off when I get out of bed. I've gotten it to work using echo speaks however I'm unable to get to to turn back on when I get back into bed. RM 4.0 seems to better conditional logic to create loops to check conditions but have been unable to get echo speaks as action events.

Does anyone have any insights that may help? thanks in advance

Can you show what you have done so far in ES Actions?

Are you times for being out of bed 'deterministic'? or some regular schedule?

So basically I'm using the combination of the virtual switch (in bed vs out of bed) and using the mode of day as the triggers. so Let's say I want to be up at 5:30 AM I'll have the mode switch to Day at that time to trigger the actions if I'm also still in bed (echo play sound).

But I've gotten it work once but then it's unable to trigger again when I get back into bed for example.
(For some reason I can't post a screenshot)

I sent you a private message with some more details and added Tony

Not directly related to your question, but I built a Withings integration directly for Hubitat so you don’t have to rely on IFTTT. You also get sleep data reported, not just bed presence. [RELEASE] Withings Integration

Just thought it might be useful!


So I set up using the Withings integration but have found there is a larger lag in time compared to the IFTTT use. IFTTT will react within 4-5 seconds whereas the actual integration can take up 30 seconds or more.

So while I would like to use the W integration it isn't as effective compared to IFTTT for me, which is not necessarily what I would prefer

Wow, crazy. I have the exact opposite results!

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Me too. The @dman2306 integration is reliable for me normally within 3-5 seconds.

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I do something similar with my AC. I just use a couple of rules in RM. When either of us gets into bed, the AC is switched on. When we both are out of bed, it goes off, and I play a message on the Google Nest Display in the bedroom to welcome in the day etc. I use a PB to only play that good morning message one time a day.

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