Echo Speaks - microphone OFF

Hi @tonesto7 and all,
I'd like to ask if it is possible to set cmd via echo-speaks to switch OFF microphone. I tried to find the right cmd but I can't.
The only parameter for microphone I found is the bellow one:

permissions : [reminders, volumeControl, tuneInRadio, TTS, doNotDisturb, isMultiroomMember, microphone, isEchoDevice, flashBriefing, followUpMode, amazonMusic, spotify, alarms, bluetoothControl, announce, iHeartRadio, pandoraRadio, guardSupported, mediaPlayer, wakeWord]

Why I'm looking for this option is: when microphone is OFF there is a red ring around the echo speaker what I want to use as a notification that ARM-NIGHT is ON.
Thanks in Advance

According to Amazon, the mic off button is a hardware switch only.

If a user decides to turn the mic off, then Jeff Bezos can’t remotely turn it back on and listen to all of our conversations at will.

Tin hat wearers of the world rejoice :slightly_smiling_face:.


In my alexa app there is an option to turn the mic off for any particular echo.

I haven’t looked into it in a while, but I recall reading it’s a hardware-only switch. Can’t find the sources online atm though

And I’ve never seen a disable microphone button in the Alexa app. Just checked again on a couple of my 3rd and 4th gen Echo dots. Still don’t see an option to disable microphone.

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You're right. I mistook the DND as a mic turnoff.

Thanks for all the replies.