Echo Speaks error getDeviceActivity

Ha. No. The errors indicated a call function so I searched for that. It took me two or three attempts. Someone in the other thread commented that you can just rem out line 2800. I was trying to be a little more surgical and trimming as little as possible.

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i changed it this way.. less invasive.. and still have one error message so when it stops i know it has been fixed (if ever).


Thank you for this. Since I couldn't copy the lines from the image, I've included the changes I made below.

New line added at 2796, in Apps Code > Echo Speaks

    } catch (ex) {
        log.debug "error still exists: getDeviceActivity | Response Exception | Status: (404) | Msg: status code: 404, reason phrase: Not Found"
        //jocko: line above added; line below commented
        //respExceptionHandler(ex, "getDeviceActivity")
        // log.error "getDeviceActivity error: ${ex.message}"

This still logs the error since without it, over time, it will be lost from the logs.

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