Echo speaks All Voice Output Blocked... Do Not Disturb is ON

Not ure what is wrong with echo speaks... Anyone seeing this?

Wish I could help, but I am not an Echo Speaks user. I am tagging @tonesto7, the author of Echo Speaks.

In general, it is usually best to present an issue like this in the thread specific to the Community App/Integration in question. This way, there will be plenty of other knowledgeable users who will get notified, including the developer of the app.


Thanks... It did just start working again on its own...

I'm a user of Echo Speaks - I see that message every morning. And for me it is correct.

I have a rule that turns DND off in the bedroom during sleep mode. I have other rules that send messages to FollowME which uses each of my Alexa devices. One rule is to tell me outloud of mode changes, I have an early morning mode, which normally I sleep through but is for my GF.
She's up, I'm not. so the Echo in the bedroom is kept in DND On mode. this generates the 'Voice output blocked' info message.
The device screen of my Bedroom echo currently:

I went and pushed the menu button manually on the Echo then pushed the DND On at the device. I did have to refresh the hubitat screen:

The message I get is generated because of a 'send text' to a device that is not capable of executing in my case.
Here's my DND on rule :slight_smile:

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I do somehting similiar with alexa itself, puts my personal echo in do not disturb. Where did you get that function doNotDisturb()?

In my case DND was NOT on and echo speaks still said it was