Echo Speaks: 1 Home: 8 Echo Dots linked to 1 Amazon account, 2 Echo Dots linked to a different Amazon account

Hi -

I had this configuration working under SmartThings by duplicating the app (as instructed).
Under HE, I now have Echo Speaks working fine for the 8 Echo Dots. Now ready to get Echo Speaks working on the remaining 2 Echo Dots - is this intended to work on HE, as it did on SmartThings?

If so, do I

  1. create an additional echo-speaks.groovy app ?
  2. create an additional echo-speaks.groovy app & echo-speaks-actions.groovy &
    echo-speaks-zones.groovy ?
  3. something else ?

I then plan to deploy an additional Heroku server, using the Amazon credentials for that 2nd account.

Comments, please!

  • many thanks -

You should consider putting this in the main Echo Speaks thread, where the developer and users of Echo Speaks are more likely to see it.

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Here’s the main thread -

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