Echo speak installation error

Hello everybody. I rarely post here because everything is working flawlessly. BUT i really would like to get Echo Speak working. I carefully follow the instructions, but when I try to connect to Amazon I get a 404 page not found. This is what I installed. Thank you!

    • Echo Speaks v4.2.3.0 (app)
    • Echo Speaks - Actions v4.2.3.0 (app)
    • Echo Speaks - Zones v4.2.3.0 (app)
    • Echo Speaks Device v4.2.3.0 (driver)
    • Echo Speaks Zone Device v4.2.3.0 (driver)

My guess is that it isn’t available in your country. @nh.schottfam or @tonesto7 should be able to clarify. The error says that it communicated with the server, but the server couldn’t find what was requested.

Thank you Ken. Very possible. I was able to play a dog barking on Alexa using MyPodApp but you have to pay $2/month to be able to avoid Alexa say the title of the sound track i.e. Now playing dog barking.... Echo Speak looks much more versatile. Any other suggestions?

I see that you have Heroku selected, but as far as I know, it no longer works without a paid subscription (since late last year), so a rpi or spare computer would be needed to run the cookie server for ES. If you have any Homepod minis, or other AirPlay 2 receivers, I know that an AirPlay app is in development for Hubitat. That won’t require any additional hardware or added complexity.

Thank you Ken. If I find a solution I'll post here to help others.

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I just posted the same problem last night in the Echo Speaks thread. In my case, I had selected the .ca Amazon domain. I don't know if this is related or not.

ok thank you. I don't think it matters. I am in Aruba. I also tried for UK terittory. No luck.
I reported a bug at Github. It has been assigned to @tonesto7 . Hopefully he can help us.

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Has a solution been found? I get the same 404 page not found. Trying to log in from Arizona to Everything else is working well. I just cannot get beyond that point.

Not that I am aware of. I use My Pod. $2 a month and works flawlessly.
But be careful. If you choose to try to install echo speak, stay away from Heroku. Long story short it has been months of frustrations trying to have them stop billing me and close my account. I have over 40 years of experience in software industry. I never seen a company (Heroku Sales Force) operating that way. I never talk negatively about anyone. But I don’t want other Hubitat users to get trapped in their “free” offer.

See this post for a workaround using Heroku, but there will be a monthly fee still.

Hosting a local server would be free.

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