Echo skill turning on devices at random times

recently we have been having random lights turning on in the middle of the night and staying on. everyone is a sleep and when I look at the logs I see the lights were turned on by the amazon skill device handler. I have no idea what to do as nothing is operating during theses times no routines, no apps no automation nothing. so I am very confused on how to troubleshoot this issue.

below are the logs and times match up to when the device was controlled and clearly shows amazon echo turned on the light but no call came from amazon alexa this was localized as far as I can tell.

Turn off "Alexa Hunches".


thanks I went ahead and I turned that off but I dont see any actions coming from the amazon echo system that had an action to turn on the light. at least nothing was recorded in the actions or history for my account.

is there a way to dive deeper into the amazon echo skill I dont see a debug option.

In the Alexa app, go to More, then Axtivity (have to scroll down), and you will see a log of what happened.

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thanks for the suggestion, I checked that activity section as my fiorst step and thats where I there was none listed other than my shouts at 3 am tryying to get alexa to turn it off. the issue again happens without any interaction from a person. its very odd. only thing I can see is the interaction between echo and now looking at the activity I think the times located in the output on the events on my device may correlate to when I was saying "alexa, turn off master chair" and alexa was not responding so these captures may not even be the source of the issue and the source of the issue doesnt and or didnt get recorded in hubitat which is even more odd.

Turn off hunches! That’s stuff almost caused a fight, not to mention gist some serious WAF points.
In our case, I just took Alexa out of the mix altogether. That solved the problem. Yeah, still some loss of WAF points, but less than the bedroom lights coming in at 100% brightness at 3:00a.m.


There is also a guard feature, if you already disabled hunches. In the guard features there are options to make it seem like you are home by turning lights on and off. Make sure that is disabled.

Other than that, I have never had Alexa turn off devices without being prompted. I actually leave the hunches on, it will turn off lights in the middle of the night when kids leave them on past my other automatic shut off rules.

hunches are off - but we use alexa alot for turning on and off everything - very hard to stop that - again not even sure alexa is the core issue, but if it occurs again, before saying anything to alexa I will pull the events to be sure alexa is the source.


Yes, check the events on the device and look at the Produced By column to see what actioned the device.

I’m getting similar random light activity with Hunches and Guard turned off

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Does the Event Log indicate it is produced by the Amazon Echo Skill?

I agree which ever light turned on go to the events for that device and capture like I did above but do it before you make any requests to turn it off. my events above are skewed since I woke up to my wife complaining and me shouted to alexa to turn it off before looking

I know this is an older thread, however has anyone found a fix? Alexa keeps on randomly dimming lights around my house.

Disable “Hunches” in the Alexa app on your mobile phone. Also look to see if any Alexa “Routines” were automagically added.

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