Echo Skill Settings Crash

Using the Amazon Echo app on Android. Connected all devices from HE and all was fine. Created a new device in HE and then went back to the app to have the device added to Echo. Inside Echo App on Android go to Hubitat Skill Settings, then click below Advanced Settings on Manage Smart Home Devices. At that time the Hubutat Skill crashes. There is no method described or listed that allows Alexa to discover new Hubitat devices. Alexas Discovery does not find anything new. My thought is that the Hubitat Skill has not yet allowed Echo to see the new device as it crashes before allowing you to choose the new device.

Am I missing something?

Where the app is crashing it should be displaying a set of devices for you to check or uncheck to notify Alexa of devices it can use. Instead of using the app, you may want to try using a browser to navigate there using the hubs IP.

The hubs IP? That is how I configure my hubitat devices and such already but not a way to add any more new devices to alexa...