Echo Show Hard Mount power options

This isn't a HE question per se...but pretty certain someone might have an idea.
I recently bought a couple of Echo Show tablets? on prime day. I'd like to mount them on...rather in the wall.

I was recently at a friends house and he had one mounted on the wall...though the power was a little sketchy. He had the adapter plugged into an extension cord...and the extension cord hard wired to an outlet. ...all in the wall cavity. Cant help but think this won't pass code.

I know with a standard tablet - there are options for recessing a proper outlet behind the mount and simply plug the power adapter in and hang the tablet mount over the outlet.....nothing in the wall so no code violation. The echo show however is probably 3.5" when need to cut the drywall to allow the device to recess...meaning you lose that opportunity to recess an outlet behind it.

I was thinking POE. I have access to power from a nearby outlet. I was thinking i could fish a wire to a re work construction box and install some type of 120v AC to 12v DC adapter for the POE. But does anyone know of a POE injector i can wire directly to 120?

On the other side - i'd have to have the POE adapter to a 12v adapter tip ( old school pin adapter) evening wondering if the POE adapter and adapter cable are in wall rated.

If anyone knows of a in wall power converter i can leave in the wall cavity..that'd be great...or even a 12v DC adapter than can fit in an electrical box would work too.

Appreciate any thoughts

Which Echo Show - 5/8/10? I'm looking at my Echo Show 8 and that definitely wouldn't work. The controls are on the top so I couldn't be flush to the wall. And even if it stuck out a little, there's a good 3 1/2" depth to it, and that doesn't count the power plug that sticks out of the back requiring another inch. Then there's the speakers. Those would be inside the wall.

With the Echo 5, if you had the front sticking out a bit, I think you'd get sound through the grill under the screen. May not be too deep for the wall if you can power it via the secret micro-USB port (I don't know if you can power by that .. it may not be what it is for, and a device with a screen likely exceeds what you can power from USB) with a right-angle connector. It would still be tight, You typically only have 3 1/2" depth.

As for power, you would probably need to have the power wart in an outlet with the cable going into the wall below where it is mounted (other side of the wall OK), and run the low voltage cable inside the wall. You are absolutely right about the extension cord in the wall. Heck, it technically is against code in many jurisdictions to use an extension cord "permanently" much less hard-wired inside a wall.

Hi. It’s. Show 5. They actually look pretty good mounted. But you did give me a good idea. I may just run the wall wart from an outlet and run the low voltage cable in the wall cavity. Hopefully low voltage doesn’t violate any code. There is enough room for the power plug on the back.
I might still look for a 120 to 12v dc converter that’s I can wire directly in a box though. I’d rather a blank face plate on the wall vs an adapter in an outlet.

Yep, that looks like it would do the trick. It's a solution unique to the Echo Show 5 since its speaker is front firing, unlike the other Echo Shows.

No one on the InterWebs can tell you with full certainty what is or isn't code in your jurisdiction. However, if low voltage wiring in a wall cavity was problematic, then there are lots of people with thermostats, doorbell chimes, landlines, Ethernet, etc. that are in a lot of trouble.

With only low voltage in the wall i cant imagine there will be any code violation... to be honest, if i recall right, i dont think there is any regulation for LV. But regardless...i'll be doing it correctly. The adapter will be accessible in an electrical outlet with only the 12v in the wall cavity ( other than the electrical box)

The 5 does look good on the wall, and you can hear the speaker, at least i could at my friends house with his setup. I think you're right in that sound comes out the bottom - in front of the plate through the bit that is protruding from the wall.

I did a quick search for in wall mount for the show 8...nada. I might send that 8 back and get another 5.