Echo Routines via a contact sensor issue

I am trying to use a virtual contact sensor to kick off an Echo routine using my Echo. Echo sees the contact sensor, sees the sensor change from open to closed, but the routine does not run. If I run the routine alone using the echo app, it runs. Anyone else seen this?

I have uninstalled/re-installed the Hubitat skill in echo. no help. I uninstalled the skill, removed all my hubitat devices, re-installed the skill and devices, no help.

Any ideas?

What else is in the routine? I've seen where routines get delayed because of congestion on Amazon's end (or just general internet wonkiness) but in general, most of mine work. I have had one instance where I couldn't get a virtual switch to relay to Alexa properly. I removed the switch from HE, recreated it and readded it to Alexa and it started working.

What else are you trying to do in the routine? TTS or something like that?

I have a simple one where contact goes open, play "Test" on Kitchen echo. Never runs
I have a complex one where contact goes open, turn on my Robot vacuum (RoboRock). This is what I am trying to get to run in the long run. Never runs.

Hmmm... I wonder if they (Amazon) are still having issues with contact and motion sensors? They had an issue last month where routines based upon motion sensors weren't able to be created. Supposedly, they fixed that, but they could have introduced this one now.

This was the motion sensor issue: Problem saving a Motion-Sensor triggered routine - Echo & Alexa - Devices - Amazon Digital and Device Forum

I'll try to do a test on my system and see if I can replicate.

I have tried virtual motion and virtual contact sensors, Amazon sees the change, but does not run the routine.

I tried it with mine. Seems to work fine :frowning:

yeah, internet searching shows there seems to be a subset of people this happens to...

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Thanks for checking!

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Anytime! Sorry I couldn't be more help.