Echo HUB? New Amazon Product - 8" home control panel

Sorry if this has been posted but it looks like Amazon has released a new Echo Hub device.

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So it is basically just a wall mountable Echo Show 8?
If that's the case the UI is terrible, :crossed_fingers: maybe they actually made a better UI for it?

Edit: Just checked my Show 8 and it is definitly not the same. The "Smart Home" section on the Show 8 is terrible. That image of the Hub device above looks at least semi functional.

Next question is will the hardware be so terrible that it horribly lags when you try to use it like the Show 8 does. That's also another reason I never touch the screen on my Show.

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I like that it has a recessed plug on the back so I can skip buying vidabox bezels for the wall screens. For the price if I can make them work the form factor is an improvement. I think this is a great addition to the Echo lineup. I'd probably buy 8-10 of them to replace old Fire tablets and Control 4 screens. I was about to buy some Unifi screens, but these are cheaper.

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I saw this and was going to post on this. My question is -- this looks very attractive, theoretically. But it doesn't make any reference to working with other hubs, and zwave is not included in the protocols. I guess that tracks to the current Echo approach of supporting Zigbee and Matter only.

Does this mean anything for the future of zwave? Should we be moving away from that? I hope not. Also, any preliminary thoughts on how this would "integrate" with Hubitat -- other than just how Echo normally would?

I know it's an initial announcement but it seems like it could further draw people away from agnostic hubs like Hubitat and others -- which overall seems detrimental to home automation generally. Thoughts welcome.

Its going to work like every other Echo device that has a Zigbee hub. You can pair Zigbee directly to it if you want. Almost everything will be cloud based. Good luck making any sort of useful "rules" aka routines.

Basically to me it would be a ready to go screen with a premade UI purpose built for a wall mounted dashboard.

Other people just getting into smart home could use this as their main hub, connect zigbee/thread/matter devices. Then be quickly disappointed by how limited the routines are. If all you want to do is turn lights on an off with voice or timers then it may suffice.


My only need is the ability to run Fully Kiosk. But for my rentals they would be easy to wall mount and provide an updated UI for the thermostats and door locks.

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It 's Matter complient and Hubitat is supposed become Matter complient too?
If the two are Matter compatible, aren't they supposed to be able to talk to each other?

In thoery yes but only for the capabilities that matter supports, which last time I checked was pretty limited.


I am not sure the Alexa device will be able to run Fully Kiosk. To do that, you have to be able to run a browser. Alexa is designed to operate on their own operating system (unlike the Fire Tablet). It is also my understanding that you cannot access the Amazon app store on an Alexa device. You need the app store in order to make Fully Kiosk viable.

So do a LOT of research before you invest good money in the Alexa devices, especially if you are planning to purchase multiple devices.

I love the Alexa ecosystem and have multiple devices throughout my house. However, I connect all my HA devices through Hubitat. The only device that connects through Alexa is a Hunter Simpleconnect fan that does not integrate with Hubitat. Using the fan with Alexa is a pain.

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For sure. It's not my first rodeo.

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I believe that Amazon will follow with this device the same approach of Echo Show 15, limiting the possibilities of install third part software...

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I just skimmed Amazons announcement but I noticed that "fire tv channels" are getting added to the echo show line. Notice they did not say fire tv being added. This means that the show 15 will still be the only show with actual capabilities of running a Hubitat dashboard (which it does fine except its always switching over to bs adds and suggestion nonsense).

Stay clear for now, Amazon locks their garbage down and there are always caveats and issues when using them in any manner not proscribed exactly by Amazons unimaginative engineers and greedy managers.


This made me laugh.

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Don't waste your time - they aren't serious about smart home dashboards that integrate with open platforms. If they were, they would have made a better effort when they released Echo Show 15. That had so much promise but under delivered on the GUI with essentially no interoperability with anything else. I have one in my kitchen that I enjoy for watching the morning news but I have my HousePanel app mounted on the wall with Fully Kiosk browser for controlling my house. Use that or SharpTools or anything else before you buy this product.


If history tells us anything, just wait a little while and Amazon will be paying you to take them. :wink:


And then they’ll shut down the Echo business unit, for being continually unprofitable, turning them into paperweights.

Not gonna lie looks tempting and reasonably priced.

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What do you find to be most tempting?

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Well being I have been working on my own ios/android app for a easy to use dashboard I personally like the interface they are showing. And with alexa integration already through HE most all my devices already work. I am continuing on with my app but this looks promising. I know the dashboard of HE is highly customizable but doesn't really fit me personally.

Can you edit out the referral code in your amazon link?

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