Echo Dot Gen 3 as Speaker


Can Alexa be used as a Speaker? If possible, how? Can anyone guide me?

Thank you.

This app is awesome but not the easiest to set up


Thank you @steve.maddigan

Is there an easier one, I've tried it. But, I'm sorry.. I'm confused about the settings.

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This is really the app you want to use.

I would suggest giving it another shot and posting any roadblocks in the app thread. People are really helpful.

Did you try the install via HPM. It makes it a lot easier.

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Thank you @steve.maddigan

I have installed it. Do you use it? Can you teach me how to set it up in Hubitat.

Yes I finally installed it earlier this year. Just before version 4 came out. After the install with HPM I followed the detailed instructions on GitHub. The heroku server for the cookie refresh was the toughest part for me but I got through it. I am probably not the best person to help you but I can try.

Note. I do not use the ES app built in actions - I pass my phases via a hub variable and drive everything from RM.

If you want to use the apps built in actions then I have to tell you to ask other people for help there. I could not figure it out.

I agree that the Echo Speaks integration works well. I did not particularly like the part about signing up for a Heroku account, but other than that, it works fine.

The integration works with any of the Echo devices. When making announcements, you can specify which devices you want the announcement directed to. Thus, you can direct the announcement to a particular device or group of devices.

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Thank you @rwclements228