Echo device volumes

In the past I posted information about volume issues and confusion using echo speaks, device tiles showing volume in music player and general tile volume not reflecting actual. There was a problem I discovered dealing with certain tiles, automations and apps having a serious issue working consistently amongst themselves.
Issuing a rule command to set an echo device volume would take 1-10, but tile sliders would allow 1-100. there was more to this as I previously discovered- but that was the gist of the issue.
Amazon has released new functionality regarding volumes that may affect users of HE and echo's.

Now, any volume sent via rule command in the range of 1-10 equals the echo device equivalent volume in percent. however, the tile will reflect it as a percentage.
The syntax has changed - programmatically if you send a volume of 11 or greater (up to 100) you get a percentage rounded to the tens. Sending (or speaking) 'set volume to 15%' you get a rounded volume to a volume of 20%, the equivalent of 'set volume 2'.
for accuracy of tiles and commands - it is now best to use 'percent' concated to your command.
Additionally, a new command has been added - Precise.
I am able to issue 'precise' volumes, however, rounding still occurs - both programmatically (via rules and verbally.
i've edit all rules that contain volume control commands to 'set volume xx percent' and my alexa volume errors are for the most part gone, except when using apps - which can't/don't send 'Percent' but the actual value.


I just use "Alexa, volume 5" or "Alexa, volume 10" and that seems to work.

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Same here.

as stated - 'volume in rules and apps'.

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