Ebay switch

So who am I competing with on this

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Me now!!!!! :wink:

I'd passed what I wanted to pay (no use at the moment) so I thought I'd broadcast

I was joking. :grin:
I don't need it either.

But at the right price it would go in a drawer or I would find a use!

Yeah. I know what you mean.

It always turn into a bigger job with agro from the wife for digging out the back box to make it deeper

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You should have waited until you'd won it. I have 3 maybe soon to be 4 Muohahahaha
PS. Its not me :slight_smile:

They any good? Do they need deep back boxes?

Very good, I like them. Have power monitoring too!

Its a shame you cant adjust the brightness at child level rather than parent, but that's fine.
And you can also disable local switches by child, just not in our driver, although I did pass those details onto Mike :+1:

Connect the new Zigbee controlled AOneβ„’ Double Socket control your light space via App or Remote. The socket fits into a 35mm deep back box so you can replace your existing double socket, for on/off control and socket control either individually, space or scene.

TBH thats rubbish, no need for a 35mm back box. Theyre no different than standard sockets :+1:
But I know thats in their blurb, and not saying you are talking rubbish BTW :slight_smile:

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My wife would disagree with you on that one. :wink:

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Hahahaha lets not go there, or we'll all feel disheartened as only the better half can make you feel :smiley: :smiley:

Brand new for Β£58 mate.

Great service from Edwards, nest day delivery.

Although thats very determined hahaha

BTW I have a few things on there now, if anyone wants Xiaomi :slight_smile:

:joy: I have to stop buying so I'm not partaking in this. I have too much gear and just spent a fortune on an AV receiver

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What have you replaced them with? I've still got two motion sensors unopened

I bought 10 Iris v2 sensors from the US, and have 10 contacts on the way over now.
I've suffered badly with these since moving to HE, yet others have reported they're working fine for them. So I'm taking it personally and they're going :slight_smile:

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