eBay iris sensors

Awesome! Did they come with the mounting tape as well?


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A pack of Command Strips works well for mounting these. For corner mounting, cut a strip in half lengthwise and put half on one angle and the other half on the other angle.


Great to hear they are in good shape. My lot should arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to start tormenting the feral cats that have turned my patio into a community bulletin board!

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Are you also going to link your motion sensors to Orbit Zigbee hose controllers like my plan to keep people out of my yard? :joy:

I plan to link to my rachio.

I’m just debating if I should get an actual outdoor sensor for this.

That is my plan thanks to your inspiration. Hoping to accomplish two things- scare the cats and rinse things should the critters get through my ‘Wall of Iris’.

You're bound to get a lot of false triggers using PIR sensors like these outside. A warm breeze or trees swaying or leaves blowing around your yard will set these things off. They are way too sensitive for outside use.

Do you have a different outdoor PIR sensor that would work? The orbit's delay killed my dream of making a PIR waterpark with 10 of these in a grid.

No...that's kind of the point. Any sensor that goes off heat is going to have a hard time. In the summer a warm breeze will set them off and in the winter, it's too cold for the sensor to detect the jump in the ambient heat of a person/animal. Plus, if you're talking cat's they are really small. How for away are you hoping to catch them? If there is any movement at all in the background, it is going to set this thing off like crazy.

Sounds like a job for an object-detection AI, and a camera :slight_smile:


Haha, mounting tape- I'm hoping I get at least 5 working ones out of 10. I emailed the seller and he said no battery included, so maybe the condition of the lots can vary, or maybe he's just covering his butt.
I wonder if there are any hacks to turn these into something else, I need a new project to keep me from buying more HA stuff.

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@adamkempenich I'm testing out two of the new Hue outdoor motion sensors right now. They work pretty good to detect cats and opossums.


The only issue with this device is that you require their hub making it more money overall.

I'd like something that directly pairs with hubitat.

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@mik3 the Hue motion sensors pair directly with the Hubitat, I don't have the Hue hub.

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Good to hear! I’ll be taking a look at these for my backyard water park :joy:

But for that price I could get SO many Iris sensors... :thinking::thinking::thinking:

They pair directly to hubitat. I've been using iris sensors for a while. Added three from this batch yesterday with 0 issues

Just picked up 10 of these, made an offer and got an even lower price.

It isn't just Iris motion sensors that are available. I just bought 10 of the smart buttons on eBay.
Iris Smart Buttons
Likewise, I made an offer of a lower price on them and it was accepted.

Also the door sensors are available both v2 and v3.