Eaton driver rf 9501

I just checked out the list of drivers for eaton aspire switches. I found a few for eaton switches, but the generic driver I used does function, at least as much as turn on/off. But the current state doesn't update automatically. I also checked the wiki drivers, but I get confused at the web site, there's just too much to learn!
I saw that many folks had problems with GE, but mine are working a lot better than the eaton ones, no problem with status updates, but the GE's are zwave+, whereas the eaton ones are not.
I tried the z-wave poller app, but none of the switches show on the drop down list. I saw a driver for a 9601, but mine are 9501. I think it's just a style difference, but not sure. I didn't try that driver, mainly because I don't know how to change a driver. I am using the hubitat dashboard. Do I have to exclude them, then include them? Once i find out how to do that i might try the 9601 driver. A few years ago I swapped all of our light switches to the cooper ones because we liked the wave style. Either they didn't have z wave back then or more likely, i just didn't know about z wave. to replace them all with eaton zwave switches would cost a small fortune. not sure how i will handle the future, but i sure would like to get my current eaton zwave switches to work so i can control a group with them in it.

@TRJ That is not a z-wave plus switch so you would need to poll it to get it's state using the z-wave poller app


The "legacy" Z-Wave devices (prior to Z-Wave Plus) don't report back to the hub, so you need to poll them for state changes if physically actuated. You can change the driver type to Generic Z-Wave, and they will likely be available to the Z-Wave Poller.

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ok, i think i just changedthe drive to generic z wave switch. didn't realize it was so easy. now the status updates. now i;m gonna try to control the group and see what happens.
thanx for the reponses

I have quite a few 9501 switches in my install. I have all set to Generic Zwave Switch. They all report manual on/off events to the hub. Also, my RF9534 dimmers report on/off/level changes without polling. I'm guessing Cooper/Eaton started some of the Zwave+ stuff early. Also reports digital or physical activation. These are some of my favorite devices. Also has the unique feature of programmable off delay. You hold the off for a couple seconds and a timers starts that turns the lights off x-seconds later.

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The 95xx are Z-wave devices. The 96xx are Z-wave+.

The Eaton devices were originally designed and built by Cooper. Eaton bought Cooper about the time they were changing over to Z-wave+.

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