Easy way to swap device

I had a problem with a Shelly dimmer 2 and looking at swapping it over to another one. Is there any easy way to do this and not have to change the device over in rules (probably 12x rules that use the device). I believe if I change the old device to a new name, and make the new device the same name that all the rules point towards the old device with its new name. I domt believe I can edit the hardware ID to do this...

Maybe cloning each rule and choosing the new device.. Even that's an effort though.

I have manually changed devices in the past (mainly zigbee) by going into the old devices hardware page and clicking on the rule links it has in the device page, changing the device over in that rule to the new device, then pressing back/back/back to the device page. Refresh the page to see that rule disappear from the device page and continue until no rules show. Then delete the old device.

Give this a read and ask if it doesn't satisfy...


How did I not find this earlier.... Thankyou.

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I tried reading your mind in order to answer this for you... sadly my mind reader is outta batteries today. :smiley: They are rather specialized batteries too, as you might imagine. :smiley:

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This is really useful. But.... Shelly dimmers are a child device so looks like I am out of luck this time and it's the manual effort this time around.

However this would have saved a lot of effort for some of my other swapping over. I have a mixed bag of things for dimmers, fibaro zwave, aeotec zwave, and recently Shelly dimmer mainly due to cost... Seems the zwave (or zigbee) device may have made this process easier.

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I have one that I purchased in 2022:


I put it into the glass base of a table lamp and although it worked, it would go unresponsive every few weeks. I replaced it with a Fibaro and it's been great ever since (except when my wife unplugs it.)

Hmm maybe I may regret this. The first one pulsated when off for a period of time. So it dimmed fine, and turned off fine.. But then after a while it pulsated one downlight. With bypass and without, even with the right load. Shelly said it was defective so I'll see what the next one is like. The current one has been online for a few weeks however. Dimmer 2.. I'll install it, manually change it over... Then hopefully not swear and curse at it if I have the same problem..

My fibaro and aeotec dimmers are working well. Just they are 3x the price here in Australia, well more than 2.5x.