Easy Lighting Automation I'm messing up

I've been trying to set up some basic lighting automation using scenes but running into some hiccups. The first is maybe just a limitation of scenes, which is what happens when motion stops. Is best practice to have an off scene that's triggered? I've been tackling that so far by directing Motion Lighting to turn off the individual dimmers in the scene in addition when motion stops. Even with that though I've noticed the lights seemingly stuck on at various points.

I've attached the two automations I'm really struggling with. I'm also curious if given that most of these are Lutron dimmers if I should be using a Lutron scene +1 or two other lights to avoid popcorning.

So, just to clarify, you do NOT want this scene to come on during night mode? When is your Night mode typically activated? Because your first app shows only run from 09:00-23:30. Part of that isn't night mode?

Hey Ryan,
That's correct. Night mode activates around 9-1030. I think ostensibly I picked 1130 because that's around the latest activation of night mode, but since night mode is selected too that's probably moot. Would there be a reason for that to disable the shutoff of the lights?

the app will only shut the lights off if the app turned the lights on. So, if you turn the lights on manually at night, it will not shut them off.

It seems like the app isn't particularly tracking if it turned on the lights. For instance yesterday the lights were on for a period of hours pre night mode. I hadn't set them on, and the motion sensor was inactive. Is there a better way of setting things up then?

It is though. You have the app set up to not turn the lights on during night mode. Are you experiencing this problem at night or during the day or always?

Sorry if I was unclear there. I've found it in both Night and not Night. Yesterday as I was trying to say it was for a period on past the delay, but in the day and evening modes.

AH HA! You have override for level change but your scene device doesn't support levels. it's only a switch. I bet it doesn't like that at all.

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