Easy Dashboard -Fan tile icon always green

Regardless of being on or off icon is always green.

Tile type: Fan controller

Some additional notes:

Sometimes it did not save. I would re-open dashboard to not see the changes I made. Didn't do it all the time. Did do it more than once.

When adding devices to an already created dashboard, I would prefer it didn't add the tiles in the middle of the dashboard moving things around. Better to add to sides or bottom.

Without the addition of a dashboard link tile, I don't see me using it. Too stripped down to move existing dashboards over to it.

Do like how you add devices. Nice touch.

Asking the obvious here, but do the "States" in the upper right corner of the device settings page reflect the actual on/off status?

I think that is the intent, it is meant more for basic or beginner use.

I am speculating here, but I think they may (after this EZ dash project is completed) move on to a new "Advanced Dashboard" for those who want more capabilities.

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The tile actually says off and on the list of speeds it says off. When it is changed to low (fan does turn on low) it says low. When turned off, it says off but icon stays green.

I understood the Easy Dashboard wasn't designed for me. Had hoped I could have set something up for my spouse to try it out. Still was fun to play with.

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I concur. This is exactly my experience with a tile representing a GE Z-Wave smart fan control. The icon remains green even though the fan is off and the icon says off. The tile type is fan controller.

I am using Bond for my fans.

I totally missed where you can setup which dashboards you can exit to in the add device screen. This works just like a dashboard link tile that I wanted/needed. Very clever.

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