Easiest way to implement a rule to close garage door after 1 hour?

I am trying to set up a rule to close my garage if it is open for an hour.

I have tried using rule machine and cant seem to put it together. I check the forum and saw some similar posts but i couldnt piece it together for my use case.

Any help is appreciated.

triger garage door opens and stays that way for 1 hr
action close garage door.

here is a rule you can load and then modify the devices.

sorry was going to attach the .json so you could import it and change the devics but site wont let me attach .json files

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This was perfect! Turns out my Hubitat needed an update. You had different settings/options than I did. I updated it and implemented the rule like you showed.

Thanks for the help!

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Hopefully not exactly it was supposed to be close garage door in acton. Lol

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