Dyson Pure Cool Driver?

Has anyone had any luck getting Dyson Pure Cool connected to hubitat?

Hi there, now that we are all in confinement, this gives quite a bit of time for some good old geeking time. I can help with the development of a driver for this but will definitely need some guidances or examples of a lan driver for that.
There is a thread about this on the SmartThings forum but it didn't get very far either.
Is anyone with some Hubitat development experience interested in helping to get this done?

Are there any plans for dyson link support (control various devices like fans)? Homebrige has a plug-in. Was hoping to have this on HE.

There's an integration for Home Assistant, so that could function as the starting point for the development... I wish I knew how to create the integration - I would love to be able to integrate my 2 Dyson fans into HE as well.

It might be worth spinning up a virtual machine with HA and see what comes up when you load their integration. Only takes about 15-30 minutes to setup.

There’s some of the components (ie Fan and ON/Off). With This integration. There is also the reverse integration available. Between the two and some simple automations (or possibly no automations on the HA side), you can probably get this fully controllable and available for use in Rule Machine automations on HE.

@ albertjmulder I realize your post is pretty old, but I'm starting to make some progress on "LINK" devices but I suspect the pattern might work for others. Is this still of interest to you? Do you know the device type? If so, please PM me what you have.

I would love to have my Dyson linked to Hubitat, its an HP02. I am willing to help test. Let me know!

@g.shepperd I sent you a private message

I would be interested in testing as well. Just moving everything over from ST. Ben using Dyson plugin for Homebridge and it works well but would rather have it right in Hubitat instead. I can PM you git for it if it helps.

@shepler76 - please see: [PRE-RELEASE] Unofficial Dyson Air Treatment drivers (local only)

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Dude this is sweet. its working great for my Cool Link.

Just set it up, and it works great!

Thanks dpasirst