Dyson Heat/Cool Device Driver Design Question

I guess I shouldn't post on forums when I am tired. I thought I was posting this on the HE forums.

I know there are differences between ST and HE, so is there anything in this post that will need to be different? Specifically around the whole tile thing.

Here was my original post:

I am working on a device driver for the Dyson Heat/Cool Fan and I’ve realized I have no idea what I am doing. What I was hoping to do is use the thermostat capability, but that has extra buttons I don’t want to see. Is there a better way to go about this?

All I really need are the following buttons:
Fan On (This would be for cooling)
Fan Speed (Adjustable 1 -10)
Heating on/off
Heat Temp Setting
Oscillation On/Off
Diffuse On/Off
Night Mode On/Off
Timer (Adjustable)

Are there any examples I can follow on how to create a custom device type like this? It going to control a Lan Device.

So I was able to get this far:

But What I need is one button to set fan speed and one button to set Heat Temp level.

Here is what my code looks like:

metadata {
definition (name: "Dyson Fan", namespace: "Keo", author: "jprosia") {
	capability "Switch"
	capability "Switch Level"
    capability "Sensor"
	capability "Refresh"
	capability "Relative Humidity Measurement"
	capability "Temperature Measurement"
    command "power"
    command "Temperature"
    command "Cool"
    command "Heat"
    command "Ocillation"
    command "fan_speed"


I'll admit I am new to this so I am clearly missing something.

Hey @Keo. Did you ever get further with this? I have a Dyson Pure Cool and wondered if you managed to get it working

I gave up on this. Sorry.

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