dynamicPage Install = False?

Can anyone confirm if install=False works in a dynamicPage? I have code like this where it appears to NOT work since the "Done" button is available on this page.

return dynamicPage(name: "poolConfig", title: "Getting Pool Controller Configuration...", nextPage: "", refreshInterval: 2,install: false, uninstall: false) {
section("Name") {
input name:"deviceName", type:"text", title: "Enter the name for your device:", required:true, defaultValue:"Pool"

Try actually having a next page value...

OK, that works, though leaves an un-needed "next" button in my current workflow. I was after having the page there with no option to advance...thus the blank nextPage...maybe need to change my approach a bit. The code is gathering additional data asynchronously before allowing the user to confirm and move on.