Duplicate Lutron Devices

It seems like the Lutron integration and device list are getting out of sync somehow, I'll add a new device in the lutron integration, and it won't appear in the devices list for hour.

Right now one of my pico remotes is showing once in the Lutron Integration and twice in the device list, one that matches the device type in the lutron integration and one that doesn't

Did you have it as a "Fast Pico" and then change it to a "Pico"?

You have it listed now as 'p' and the "Fast Pico" device as no activity since yesterday which is why I ask. Test the device, if the one listed as "Fast Pico" does not respond, delete it. I am not 100% sure the integration will "sync" and remove old devices if you make a minor change like that.

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No, it won't, in my experience - changing a device from one type to another in the integration list just creates a second device of the new type.

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