Dummies guide to install Hubitat package manager

You install the code with package manager. Look in the upper right corner of your first screenshot. There are two buttons. Install user app, and add built in app.

You didn't install using those, did you?

When I use the button for user app I only see package manager and under built in apps I'm not seeing anything new.

So it should be there.

I have had the browser cache not show recent additions or changes to the hub. You could try a private window or new browser.

You could also try a reboot from the Settings tab.

Also, you could look in Apps Code tab and see if there is anything listed there.

But you should see a list of any apps in that same place as Package Manager like in your screenshot above.

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What if I'm installing a "device driver" it looks like that's what the iPhone wifi presence sensor" is.

I see it under driver code but I still don't know how the heck to make use of it. I want it to work as a presence sensor when I'm connected to wifi.

Ah, you said

And it didn't dawn on me that it wasn't an app.

In that case, you should be able to go to the Devices tab, and Create a Virtual Device in the upper right corner. You will have to name this device and pick the "TYPE" (driver) for iPhone Presence.

Start at "Loading A Custom Driver" about halfway down the page.


Also there are instructions in the iPhone presence thread, first post. [UPDATED] iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor - Code Share - Hubitat

Thanks so much for the help. I'll look you up tomorrow after I review those. Seems like something I should be more aware for.

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The first couple times doing a new app or driver are the worst. It will be much easier the next time, I promise!

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Hi, I am new to HE. Please advice what does Packet Manager app do ?

It’s an app that automates the process of downloading and installing other community-developed apps and drivers.

I suggest reading the readme in the developer’s GitHub repo.

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I guess, no harm in downloading this app to my hub.

sorry, this is maybe a dumb question. To install package manager I go to his github -> apps and find Package_Manager.groovy

Some apps have a link to import the code through an url. Is there a function in github or do I really have to scroll and mark the whole code and copy/paste?

I guess there is a better way, I just don't see it. Any help appreciated, thanks.

just import using:


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For other newbies as confused as I was:
To install Hubitat Package Manager, you copy this url:

Then in Hubitat,
1 you connect to your hub
2 on the left in the black bar, you click "Apps Code"
3 then you click the "New App" box in the upper right of that page
4 you get a new page, and you click the "import" box in the upper right
5 This brings up a pop up "Import Code from Website" and you paste the above url in the space where it says "Insert url to import text into code editor"
6 then you click import
7 then you click save
8 then you click the hamburger bar in the upper left and it will bring up the black bar on the left
9 click "Apps code" in that black bar, and it will bring you back to the screen you got in step 3, but the Hubitat Package Manager will be listed as an "Apps Code."
10 On the black bar on the left, click "Apps" (it is third from the top)
11 Click "Add User App" in the upper right. A box will appear that includes the Hubitat Package Manager. Click on that entry
12 Click done
13 You now have an Apps screen that lists Hubitat Package Manager as an installed app. You can click on it to use it.


Actually, there’s one more last step to do.

14 Click “Match Up” so that HPM can become aware of your installed drivers and apps (including HPM) and monitor for updates.


This is a fantastic App. Sort of wish it were an official app (yeah i get the irony of an official app for unofficial code...)
Couple of questions:

  1. After installing a gazillion obsolete apps in smartthings (I recently migrated) noticed this package installer does not have much dev activity / issues / etc. Could be becuase its perfect but just want to make sure its not getting cobwebs :slight_smile:
  2. It looks like the depositories are all hard coded. Is there a way to see them in github? Concerned about malicious code.
  3. Although there is no update, noticed the package manager is not part of the repo and curious about how to update (not that there has been any change recently as per #1)

It’s pretty perfect. It’s a fairly mature app. There are feature requests that users make, sometimes Dominick adds the features. If issues are found, he fixes them. Again, it’s a pretty mature app, well written.

That’s very understandable, and I agree and do read the code before I install. Understand that all HPM does is add the source for drivers and apps. You have to take the next step to attach a device to the driver, or “Add User App” to make the source be a running app. Read the code first.

If you have been around the forum awhile, you will come to recognize the developers who know what they are doing. The model for how these things are done is that a developer will open a thread announcing the app or driver. If you search the forum for the app or driver name, you will find a GitHub link in the first post, followed by user posts discussing success or failure with the code.

Do a Match Up on the HPM main page. It will examine all apps and drivers (including itself) that are in the HPM repository, and take them under its wing.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.


Updated URL:

It is perhaps the most useful/important community app you can install on your hub. It gives you access to installing/using/auto-updating a ton of apps and drivers created by other users to extend Hubitat's capabilities. A must-have.

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