Dumb request, raise fade limit

So, this is kind of a silly request, but it would probably be easy/harmless and could save some users a few minutes of time. I am setting up a rule that goes off automatically when my alarm sounds. Part of this is gradually raising the lights. The way I used to do this is with multiple increments and a delay in between (using tasker historically, but rule machine in this iteration), but given I can set the fade time manually, I could just go with 0-100% with say a 300 second fade, I'd get a smoother result with less work setting up multiple delays. The current fade time is capped at 100. Is that a function of the device being controlled or just a hubitat line of code that could be easily changed? Lest I receive the obvious suggestions, the current plan is the obvious 0-33%, 100 second fade, 33-66%,100 second fade, 66-100%, 100 second fade.

Welp that approach didn't work anyway, the fade was essentially ignored, so back to increments I go, never mind! That suggests the fade is a device limit, not a hub deal.

Why don't you try Fade Dimmer Over Time action in RM? That lets you use as long a period of time as you'd like, and you can set the update frequency. This is intended for longer fade times beyond what the device can do on its own. It essentially does the same thing as your increments with delay.


They've truly thought of everything.