Dumb question, but can I use the Hubitat's Zigbee radio to expose Lutron devices to a Hue hub?

As the title says, is it theoretically possible to use the Zigbee radio on the Hubitat to expose Lutron dimmers & switches to the Hue bridge and appear as bulbs ala other third party Zigbee (i.e. Ikea) bulbs?

The reason I ask is my GF really enjoys the Hue app and having all of the bulbs show in one app would be highly convenient when she's messing with it. I already have my respective Lutron & Hue stuff integrated switch wise with the Hubitat, but app wise not so much as she's an Android user while I'm in the Apple ecosystem. Eventually I'll hopefully have everything neatly exposed to Google Home & Homekit, but even still Hue being able to control all the lights would still be useful.



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