Dual triggers with time requirements does not adhere to trigger timers

Hubitat C5

Here's the rule:

I've made the rule over 3 different times and when both triggers have a "Stays that way" condition, then that time condition is ignored for both triggers and the action fires immediately.

I can get the result I want by splitting it into two separate rules, but that seems silly..

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Yeah, you can't use Stays on the same device or variable in multiple triggers. That creates an ambiguity that RM cannot resolve. However, you can use two rules, one for each trigger. You might as well do that since you just then test which trigger fired it.

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Ahh ok. Well, two rules it is then.


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Could this be possible to make it so that you could create one trigger with a Stay, and enter multiple values for the variable being watched?

For example something like:
Trigger: variable arrival_status = 1 or 11 and stays that way for 5 minutes?

I know I can use "in" and obtain any value in between two values, but is it possible to represent two distinct values in the trigger? In this case 1 or 11?

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No, it's not possible in current implementation.