Dual Dimmer Switch

I am looking for a dual dimmer switch.

I currently have the Lutron Maestro Dual Dimmer which has 2 dimmers in a single switch but it's 'dumb' I can't add another box for another switch, I just want a smart dual dimmer. Does such a thing exist?

I'm not aware of any switch-style options that have two dimmers. Zooz recently released the ZEN30, a two-load switch with a dimmer on top and switch/relay-only on the bottom. If you don't need dimming on the second load, that may come close. (The reasoning we usually get is that two smart dimming modules would take up too much space.)

However, you don't necessarily need to replace the switches themselves. There are a variety of inline modules you could use behind the switch or even at the fixture. The Aeon Nano Dimmer is one example. They also make a dual Nano Switch, but again, that won't do dimming but would help you with two loads. You might be be able to fit two of these dimmer modules. whether Aeon's or a variety of similar ones on the market (Qubino, Fibaro, RGBGenie, and others all make something along these lines). This will, of course, depend on how much room you have in the box. Some may also have special requirements for what switch you actually use on the wall, and this is probably even trickier with dimmers than regular switches if you really want on-wall dimming, too. (You could also just replace the wall switch with a Hubitat-compatible button device like the Eria Remote, an RGBGenie insert, or a Pico if you have Lutron--then you don't have to worry about that and can do whatever you want behind the wall or at the fixture.)


This is for a fan & light, but may help you: https://inovelli.com/shop/smart-light-switches/zwave-smart-switches-gen2/z-wave-fan-light-switch-pre-order/

Thanks. The problem is, the light switch is only a switch, not a dimmer

The Inovelli also requires a canopy module, and one of the wires is intended to do speed control for a motor load (fan). It might work at 100% for lights (the light portion likely would for many non-dimmable lights too), but it seems overly complicated for this regardless.

Now I'm confused. You asked for a dual dimmer switch above. If you really just want a switch, Aeon makes a dual nano (and I'm sure others have something similar) that work similarly to the nano dimmers I mentioned except that the dual switch variety actually exists. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion, maybe I didn’t explain it correctly. But I want 2 dimmers in one switch box. I have a single box and I cannot add another. Right now I have a dual switch in there but they are not dimmers

If you're able to expand the box to two gangs, you'll have a lot more options since pretty much any two "regular" smart dimmers should work. But I'm assuming that's what you mean you can't do (I also assume you mean "same gang" besides just "same box," otherwise there isn't likely to be a problem).

So...I guess we're back to the suggestions in my first post. I haven't tried, but especially if the boxes are deep enough, you could likely fit two micro dimmers behind whatever regular switches yo want (or at the fixture). But dimming at the wall would likely still be an issue (an Aeon Wallswipe might work for just one, but you have two), so I again might recommend a button/remote device (or two) that controls the dimmer(s) via Hubitat unless on/off only is OK and you have other means to automate level.

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Ordered the Aero Nano dimmer to try.

Solved my challenge. Installed the Zooz double switch, paired perfectly with HE. Light 1 dimming perfectly. Added the Aerotec Nano Dimmer to switch 2 of the zooz (standard on/off). Now both switches are fully dimmable/controllable in HE, Alexa, and SmartThings (hubconnect). Thanks for everyone’s input!

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