Driveway Solar Wi-Fi Camera Motion Alert - Notifications To Hubitat

Outdoor Battery Powered WIFI Security Camera with solar panel kit.

What's not to like? A $50-ish motion detecting, stand alone, video capable device with decent range!! :star_struck:
But the only way to interface with these things is by using the manufacturers App (that has real crappy functionality).

Edit: Working as a Hubitat motion sensor (using Tasker with an Android Tablet). :grinning:

This is the one that I picked up and am trying to get into using with HE.
The main integration goal is to use it as a motion detector for my driveway.
Starting point is loading the Zumimall App along with Tasker on my House App Android tablet.
Hopefully it can also be a source of pictures and/or videos for additional notification purposes someday.

Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Getting notifications from cheap Zumimall cam to HE.

Part 1. Tasker to Hubitat as a motion sensor

  1. Add Virtual Motion Sensor
    Devices > Add Device > Virtual
    Type: Virtual Motion Detector
    Device Name: Driveway Camera
    Room: Outside
    Check URL:
    *Note device ID: i.e. 2002

  2. Hubitat Maker API
    Apps > Add Built-in App > Maker API
    Maker API Label: Maker API Tasker
    Select Devices: Driveway Camera
    Local URLS:
    Get Device Commands (replace [Device ID] with actual subscribed device id[Device ID]/commands?access_token=1234-get-ur-own
    2a. Using the local URL as a guide and the Device ID from Step 1 replace [Device ID] with i.e. 2002 and commands with active to create URL for Step 3.

  3. Tasker Task
    Tasks > + > Create
    Name it: Driveway Motion VM
    + > Net > HTTP Request > Get
    Enter URL from Step 2

  4. Test operation using Tasker: Play Button (bottom left) and observing Hubitat device page for: Driveway Camera
    Current States motion : active.

Part 2. Zumimall to Tasker

  1. Tasker Profile
    Profiles > + > Create > Event > UI > Notification
    Owner Application > ZUMIMALL > Back Arrow (Top Left)
    *Edit: Title enter: Alert Message pir [Driveway] > Back Arrow (Top Left)
    Select: Driveway Motion VM (in Task box)
    Optional: tap Profile to expand, then tap and hold to rename

*The Title field is not working for me and keeps it from triggering unless left empty. :thinking:

@Ranchitat Apparently an awful camera. All their cams are built this way

Yup. As a camera it makes a great motion detector.
Not what I'd recommend for anything other than a cheap remote disposable device.

Foscam's are cheap and great.

Don't seem to sell any solar ones here.

No, POE though...

But then I'd have to run a cable across my moat. :wink:

Plenum will do ya for that