Drivers for Fujitsu Mini Split Heat Pump?

I'm looking to connect my Hubitat with my newly-installed Fujitsu Mini Split Heat Pump, but it's proving difficult. It's connected to my wi-fi and I've enabled the 'fglair' Alexa skill--it's working with voice command and a phone app, but obviously, I'd like it controlled by my HE. There is an 'fglair' IFTTT service, but it seems to be having issues; people are running into authentication issues, as am I.

Any ideas how I could connect?

I cannot comment on fglair

There is integration available for HE via another device IntesisHome. I think there are also other IR blaster type devices that may have support.

If ifttt does everything you want, you can call it. The other option is a new driver if fglair has an api.

Hi there I just stumble on your post also looking for this and I just found out that there are currently two homebridge plugins that seem to be available / under development

That might be old news to you but I'll leave it here just in case somebody else needs it.

Good day

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