Drivers and Errors

Hi All,

Im new to smart home automation Sorry if questions will be ...... just start learning hubitat hub .
I have added couple devices like:
Fibaro smoke sensor , Aeotec MultiSensor 6, Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch and more devices
Like Philips Hue I used Hue hub so no error there with lights
Now everything is working but when I checked logs I have errors

For Fibaro smoke sensor & Aeotec switch & multisensor I used driver code from internet because there is no code by default
I used code from syepes Hubitat tree master Drivers

java lang Null Pointer Exception Cannot invoke method toInteger on null object on line 202
java lang Null Pointer Exception Cannot invoke method toInteger on null object on line 229
java lang.Null Pointer Exception Cannot set property 'lastbatt' on null object on line 360

My questions
Do I need to Ignore these error as when I add new device There need time to sync all config parameters etc ? or just ignore as everything looks like working
Or if driver code wrong ? and I need to get proper code ?

Just trying to understand errors If drivers code wrong so then maybe need to search forum for better drivers ??

Many thanks

It's not clear to me which MultiSensor driver you are using. There's a Built-In driver for it, as well as several Community developed versions. As a person new to Smart Home and Hubitat, I'd advise using the Built-In driver whenever possible.

I have contributed one Aeotec MultiSensor 6 driver that exposes more parameters than the built-in. If you don't need the extra adjustments, you don't need to switch drivers. (You can change drivers of a device from the Device's Info page. Then click Save Device, followed by Configure.)

Line 202 of this driver isn't a match for your error, which is a big reason why I'm asking about which driver. To me, you have two reasonable choices: a) Built-in (preferred) and b) the one I contributed. If you are using any other driver, I'd replace it.

And Welcome to the Hubitat Community.

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Many thanks