Driver Save Takes an Hour

The Unifi driver checks a controller on the user's network, not the cloud. It CAN generate a lot of events if there is a lot going on because it has a websocket monitoring capability, and the Unifi Protect portion is all about watching over the cameras and other stuff. "Protect"ing your house/business.

Although there is a Refresh Rate setting in the preferences for how often it should check the main API (that is far more data at a time then the websockets, but there can be far more websocket activity). I am working on the driver at this moment so I will look at reducing some of the websocket events.

After rebooting Drivers are updated and saved within a few seconds, so I guess I'll always reboot before updating a driver - but this shouldn't be necessary.

Is there a way to automatically reboot the hub once per day?

Yes, with a rule. Mine is paused, however at one time I was having to reboot several times per day and it somehow resolved.

I rebooted before updating to the latest version of these Device drivers and had no issues saving them.

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