Driver RS-232 or Centralite

I have a Centralite Elegance XL Lighting control system . There a 3 Automation ports, one I am using a Bitwise Controller that works fine. The limitation on the Bitwise system is that it does not support anything outside a LAN

I am looking for a way for the Hubitat system to talk to a RS-232 port so I can write a driver to control the lighting system. I have all the control codes.

Any ideas?

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Welcome @patchski !

I don't know of anything that will definitely meet your need. I did a quick search and found a few z-wave devices that support an rs232 interface. This is a good place to begin searches for z-wave devices. Catalog of Certified Z-Wave Products for U.S. / Canada / Mexico The devices I did find are in the Computer Controller Interfaces category. Warning, they all seem to include as secondary controllers, so I am not sure what complexities this might add.

Good luck, and keep us informed of your progress.

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Thanks for your response. I am hoping that you would consider interfacing to a IP/232 converter like the a SENA LS100 or a Wiznet WIZ110. That way it's only mapping a ASCII string to a button and you have half of it done. The telemetry return data (lamp level, etc) is a bit trickier, but do-able.
There are a lot of 232 devices out there , and they all need to be spoken to. Folks like AMX and Crestron do it, but they are very protective of their sources and products.


If you're writing the driver, then HE can talk to a wiznet/110 (or similar Ethernet <-> RS-232 adapter) using telnetConnect (and friends) in the Groovy code of the Driver.

I do this to talk to my Alarm system. In my case it ends up looking something like:

W ---TCP--- [WizNet] ***Serial/RS232*** [ParadoxPRT3] ###COMBUS### [Alarm Panel]
C --- [HE]

My driver uses telnetConnect to establish the link to the Wiznet and then I use ASCII commands that (in my case) the PRT3 converts to talk to the Alarm system (BiDi)

For the WizNet, I do the initial setup (Baud, Bits, Parity etc) out of band of the driver itself, since it's a one-time setup.

Apparently a way to use an RS232 adapter here. Different use case, but maybe you can get what you need?

It seems like you should be able write a driver/app for the global cache up to serial devices.

@patchski I have developed for AMX systems before, and even with access to the developer resources, they are rather stingy with detailed information.

Agreed, Do you know how is this product compared to Vera? It looks better, but looks aren't everything.

Thanks for all of your input, folks.

I'm thinking of cutting from Vera and moving over here. Vera is very slow on drivers for zwave product, even Aeotec.

@patchski I Don't have any experience with Vera. I do know the success of HE is its vibrant community. The HE staff can't keep up with the flood of new devices that have very nuanced interpretations of the Z-wave specification. That is where this phenomenal community comes in and provides support through new drivers, apps, and stories of their experiences with the devices.

Welcome to the light! :sunny: :beverage_box: :sunglasses: (Yes, I have taken a big swig of the Kool-Aid. :blush:)

We have been using LAN TCP/IP to RS232 converters successfully for some audio control programs to access RS232 over web. The RS232 come with a simply webserver that lets you set the most basic parameters of the connection. However, you would still have to write a LAN driver.