Driver Preferences - Any way to organize this?

So I have a device handler that has a ton of preferences.... Right now they are just all blobbed together, like every other device handler I've seen.

Is there any way to section/organize the Preferences section in a driver? I haven't seen any driver do that, so I'm guessing "no", but I thought I would ask.

@krlaframboise found a way to make the preference look presentable a while back..see the pic in the post below. If that's what you are looking for you might want to take a look at the second link as believe this was the code for that driver.

And of course that groovy isn't on github anymore. Oh well. :smile:

It is just a nice to have anyway. The full GE 25933 dimmer device handler has a LOT of preferences, so would have been nice to group/sort them differently.

I believe that code was incorporated into the built in driver...may be why it is no longer available.
@krlaframboise, can you share any advice/code on organizing preferences?

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