Driver for "POST" requests to google assistant relay

Has anyone had any success using the "google assistant relay" discussed in the ST Forum in hubitat? I believe it would work using webCore, but I haven't opted to use that at this point. Would be super if we could just have a driver that would allow "POST" commands to be sent using the existing notification features of RM and HSM.

Google Assistant Relay

I just went through the entire process of installing the Google Assistant Relay onto the same Rpi that I have webCoRE. SUCCESS!

No need to install any drivers or apps in Hubitat. Install everything on the Rpi (node.js, oath2 stuff, a whole bunch of commands that I don't understand) and BAM... Whole house voice announcements over Google Home and Mini's using webCoRE!

Another guy has instructions within that post on how to install it on Windows 10 too but the Rpi looked easier. Whole thing took over an hour to complete.

Note: I also installed PM2 (per instructions around post 92) so it runs automatically in case of a Rpi reboot.

I have a feeling weโ€™re going to get TTS on Amazon Echo too, any day now based on some progress made (on another platform) today.


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My son gave me a Google Home Mini for Father's Day. I have just written a very simple Hubitat Driver that is able to issue custom broadcasts to the google assistant relay node js server.

It supports both the Speech Synthesis and Notification capabilities.

This should allow standard Hubitat apps to send google home broadcast messages to your devices. I know webCoRE can do this as well, but I am trying to keep my Hubitat hub as simple as possible. So, I am using Rule Machine for most of my automations.

Details are in this new post

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Link please

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