Driver for Mill Wifi oven

I've got a Wifi controlled oven from Millheat which has the following REST API documentation:

If I wanted to retrieve the temperature of the oven using the above, is this a simple job?
Is there a boilerplate source code based on something similar to this that would get me quickly started on this?

If I could get started with this then I am sure I could figure out how to extend the driver with more capabilites.

If you are just looking for the basics on how to do it... There is no single spot. This thread here got across many examples though:

The Mill OpenAPI does not appear to be that bad. If you need someone to look into trying to make a driver for it (free of course), let me know in a private message and I can shoot you an initial attempt and we can see how it works.

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Difficulty is 5 out of 10. It has an API document; however, the information within that document is not complete and it has no control / response examples that tell you which commands do what action. They do have a try it now button that may mitigate the lack of documented examples and explicit data.

Note: The MILL heater is on HA with example code in python. That may be helpful.


Thank you @snell and @djgutheinz, very useful inputs!

Hopefully we'll be able to stay away from smartphones, Hubitat and keyboards for the next few days but I admit I am getting hooked on this forum!


It is addicting. :slight_smile:


I am not addicted. I can quit at any time. Really, I can quit at any time. Gotta go and answer another post.


Hey @norfrode, did you manage to make a driver for the Mill oven?
I really want something els then the app to controll all of my ovens on.


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Hi @Johnistef,
I did not get a good response from Mill last time I asked them for an API key, perhaps due to the timing just before the holidays. I haven't had time to push this yet, but I am still interested as it would be helpful to automate things given how different rooms are used, in my case.

Will try again, when I have the API key this should be relatively straightforward.

Okey! :slight_smile:
If i knew how to make theese drivers i would try it myself :wink:
if possible can you keep this tread, up to date with what you find? :slight_smile:

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