Driver for Honeywell Lyric Round Thermostat?

Has anyone been able to integrate a Honeywell Lyric Round Thermostat into Hubitat? I had one running on my Smartthings Hub using their built-in driver, but I don't see anything available for HE.

I tried using the HoneywellThermo-TCC driver that I found on Github, but I don't think my Lyric Round is designed to work with Honeywell's new Total Connect Comfort system. Instead, I believe my Lyric follows the API defined at this Honeywell Developer link.

I understand I can continue to use my Smartthings Hub with HubConnect, but I'd like to find a cleaner, more direct method. If anyone has Honeywell Lyric Thermostat driver working, please let me know. Thanks!

There isn't a driver for the WiFi Lyric devices. Unless someone had one and wanted to go through the effort and skills to create a driver, I think you will need to use an indirect method.
I do have a Lyric device but it is no longer in use. I did work with the API and had my thermostat working in HomeAssistant. HomeAssistant can currently connect to the WiFi Lyric thermostats directly as a Homekit device.
You would have two options here. Use your thermostat connected to Smartthings and use the community hubconnect to link the 2 devices together. The other would be use HomeAssistant and use one of several possible methods to link to the HE hub. One benefit to the HomeAssistant route would be that the Lyric thermostat as a Homekit device is totally local. The connection is not using the cloud API.

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@zarthan, thanks for the reply. I'd rather not add the complexity of additional components (i.e., HA) , but instead am hoping someone may have already created such a driver and is willing to share it. Otherwise, I'll have to try to create my own driver which could take forever and be a frustrating experience!

There hasn't been a driver written and I am sorry to say, I doubt anyone will. I just replaced my thermostat with a supported Zigbee one. There are also Z-wave ones on the supported list. I know it is an added expense, but cloud-based devices are often such moving targets, and drivers may be harder to maintain. The platform does make it easy for users to create and add their self-created drivers.
The Lyric drivers did get added as a built-in to Smartthings, but if there was a community driver at one point, it is likely easily ported to Hubitat. Have a search through the ST communities. If you do find something. there will be lots of people here to help you get it ported. It doen't usually take much more than a search and replace.

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I understand what you're saying, and I'd certainly like to switch to a new Z-Wave device. However, I spent $250 US on this thermostat last year and my wife likes it, so it's a tough sell to change it out. I also think it looks nice and is easy to use (just turn the outer dial to change the temp). I also would rather have everything running locally and not in the cloud, but it's nice to be able to cool the house down before returning from a vacation via cloud control.

I did do a Google search and couldn't find any posted drivers for it. I suppose since ST already had the driver as a built-in, there was no need to create one. I was just hoping someone had created one a while back before it was available on ST.

One alternative might be using Google Assistant to set the temperature. I believe I can use my Google Home Mini to make the temp adjustments by voice command, so I might be able to go that avenue and use the Google Assistant Relay? I tried getting that to work with my ST before getting my HE Hub earlier this week, and it seemed way too hard to get setup.

I do understand. It is a tough sell especially if your wife likes it. In my case, my wife didn't like the Lyric. Sadly, she likes the Pearl even less but once it is added to HE, we don't, actually use the thermostat directly. I have rules for changing the heat/cool settings using temperature probes in different areas of the house. During the day the heat/cool set points are upstairs. In the evening we are mostly in the family room so the set points use probes in the family room. I have a diverter that redirects the majority of the heating/cooling air to the corrrect level of the house.

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Not trying to change your mind or anything, but is possible to get a Hubitat-paired thermostat to start cooling/warming the house before returning from a vacation. You can either do this by geofencing or using the mobile app.

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That's a good point. I forgot that you can trigger events and change settings remotely from the mobile app dashboards.