Driver for Heiman Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Hello, I recently purchased a Heiman HS1HT-M humidity & temperature sensor. I am now trying to find a driver but can only find this one for Smart Things:

Has anyone had success with these? Or any idea if I can use a generic zigbee driver for this.

P.S. Not sure why I bought it now. Was going to go for a Xiaomi but was turned off by the fact it doesn't have compliant zigbee.

Hi MLF555,
I've just bought a sensor which is sold under another name but is the same unit.
I'm able to get battery and temp but no humidity data from the unit.
Were you able to solve your problem / find a driver?

Thanks for any information!

Hi LouisT, no sorry I didn't have any luck and gave up. Which driver did you use?
I also bought an Aqara/Xiaomi and found a driver for that but it keeps losing contact. I've abandoned them. If you ever have any luck let us know.

You guys try any of the in-box drivers? Temperature and humidity reporting are very standard clusters/attributes in zigbee.

Unless they did something non-standard with the device (like Xiaomi did), the generic zigbee motion/humidity driver may work (like it does for various other devices).

There's actually a built in driver for this in the latest firmware.

Edit: woops, no that's the gas sensor.

Thanks for getting back to me Mark.
As for the drivers... I've tried all of them :slight_smile:
No luck so far but I've started a thread on this to see if any of the Gurus have any suggestions.. there seems to be quite a few Heiman sensors appearing under their own brand (and as rebrands from from other "manufacturers") so perhaps someone will solve this. You might be able to dust your unit off and get some use out of it :wink:
I'll let you know if I have any success.
Regards, Louis.

Did you hit CONFIGURE on the device detail page after switching to any of the new drivers (and make sure you keep hitting the button on the device to wake it up and receive the configure commands)?

It's very possible it does need a custom driver, and that the generic won't work. But thought I would ask that last question anyway.

Did anyone try the SmartThings driver that was posted a while ago? I didn't see any of the usual "SmarthThings-Specific" coding in it . . .

I have - but I'm going to try again based on your suggestion :smile:
It does seem that from Marks previous experience with the same unit that there is something non standard about this sensors humidity data !!

Eh, I'm not so sure. For instance the smartthings driver referenced above is just doing the standard zigbee parsing for humidity as far as I can tell... Unless I missed something in my quick review.

Can you tell me how to Change Fahrenheit to celsius using this heiman unit and generic zg motion / humidyty driver? I checked also different drivers but see only F :frowning:

Have you set your Hub Settings to Celsius?

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I wanted to ask you if you wrote drivers for Z-wave devices as well? Reason I ask is I have the Heiman Z-wave smoke detector, I have used the generic Z-wave smoke detector driver, but this only gives me the battery level and clear condition, when I press the test button it does nothing in HE at all.

Let me know if this is something you could do, and if you have the time. Just thought I would ask as your drivers run about 80 of my devices already.


Not yet, unfortunately, I would have to get European devices if I want to use them here in China legally. They may be produced here, but are in general not sold here. Whenever I do start to travel again I'll probably pick some up when I go to Europe :slight_smile:

Fun to hear they come to good use :slight_smile:

Okay, I am in South Africa and we are on the same Z-wave frequency as China 868.4MHz. I should have gone for a Zigbee one but can't get them here and are expensive to import. This was the only one I could find that would "connect to HE" just need the drivers to be updated by HE.

Not many of those available here, 868.42MHz is also legal here so much easier. China is odd when it comes to getting these types of products, many of them are ONLY exported and can't be bought domestically.

Hope they do that soon then :slight_smile: I probably won't be of much help until I can start getting Z-wave devices when traveling. :frowning:

It is strange as the company that makes these (Heiman) is in Shenzhen.

I will have to wait for HE then.

Have a good one.

I've tried to buy from them before, they don't sell domestically (I'll contact them again and see if that has changed), some of their products do show up from other sellers domestically, I've yet to see any Z-wave though.

Now yes :slight_smile: After next sync I have C instead of F. Thank you

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