Driver @ connectivity issues with Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 6

I tried the Door / Window Sensor 7 driver and it seems to have gotten stuck in some kind of "sending 4 configuration updates" I also tried to use the generic z-wave contact sensor, when I move the magnet close and away from the unit the light blinks like its sending open/closed signals.

the sensor has a "connectivity test mode" ( I wish more devices had this!) and it goes green when I'm like 5 feet from the hub, but red when its where it needs to be... The nearest z-wave repeater is in the same room less than 12 feet away, and I've already rebooted the hub and repaired the z-wave network.

For many battery sensors, you have to periodically wake them to accept configuration changes, like if you change sensitivity or temp offset, or whatever.

On most, you just press the pair button (don't press it in the sequence that resets or joins it!) until the configuration stops sending updates.

Yes I did try that.

I can't even get it to show an open/closed state

Which driver are you using?

The built in system Aeotec one, but wrong version number as there wasn't one for the 6, but the same connection and lack of close/open signal problems existed with the generic z-wave

Supposedly, the "Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor" is the official supported driver.

This also supposedly works if you read the devices in the text of the driver.

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Ok I’ll try both of those tomorrow to see if anything works, thanks

I'm not sure if the 6 has configuration parameters, but if it does and any of the parameter numbers overlap with the 7 then it's possible that it changed something on the 6 that broke open/closed reporting and changing it back to the generic driver won't fix that.

You might want to remove the device, factory reset it, and only use it with the handler it was assigned during inclusion. Or at least compare the manuals to rule it out...

Using it with the wrong handler is also going to kill the battery because those 4 parameters will never sync and every time it wakes up it's going to try and send those settings to the device which is going to keep it awake a lot longer.


Will try that, stating with generic z-wave contact sensor. Thankfully it’s usb powered so I can just recharge it without wasting batteries.

This is the exact problem I have with my Aeotec Door/Window Sensor Gen 5. I reports battery level and tampering but not Open/Close events. Has any progress been made ?

Hi there,

One other thing to note with these sensors (I have about 5 of them) is that depending on the firmware they shipped with you may need to make a couple of changes to get 'open/close' reporting correctly from them.

If you get the devices included on the network, but don't see open and close events try the following:

  1. Install (if you don't have it already) the Basic ZWave Tool Driver:

  2. Change the driver for the included ZW112 to the Basic Wave Tool Driver

  1. Open 'Live Logging' in another tab: http://yourhubsip/logs

  2. With the ZW112 next to your PC, enter '121' under get parameter report and press the 'Get Parameter Report' button on-screen, whilst doing this it can help to press the 'action' button every few seconds to wake your sensor up and get it reporting:


  1. Moving to the 'logs' tab now, you should see a report appear, if it says 'ConfigurationReport- parameterNumber:121, size:1, value:0' you will need to change the value from 0 to 1 (in step 6), otherwise you should be good to go.

  2. Under 'Set Parameter' enter 121, 1 and 1 (like below) and then when pressing the on-screen button for 'Set Parameter' intermittently press the action button to wake the sensor up.

  3. Under 'Get Parameter Report' using the same method as before, query parameter 121 and check that the change has applied, your log should appear like this:

  4. Change the driver back to Generic ZWave Contact Sensor.

I hope that is useful.

Best wishes,


I have an Aeotec Window/Door Sensor 6 that wasn't reporting open/close status after the battery had been dead a few months and then charged. I thought I was going to have to buy a new one but this worked for me to rescue the device!

Thank you!

I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to say thanks to @guy.mayhew for this. I'm a recent convert from ST and had three of these sensors that were not reporting open/closed status. This did the trick. Saved me having to get new ones.

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It seems like I have the same issue with my sensors. I followed the above steps to change 121 but I don't get any reply from the sensor in the log file. How long should the sensor take to report back the 121 status?

I have just got them working, had to press the connect button to wake them up a second before press the icons in Hubitat so the light on the sensors were still green