Driggs' Hubitat System - An ongoing project thread


Its been a week short of 6 months with the Hubitat, and I thought I would share where I am at now. Any updates to the system and I will keep it posted here.

First off a map of my setup:

The image is kinda small so heres a google drive link

Overall things have been great.

-The Sylvania bulbs still do not correctly have their status reflected in the dashboard. Many many many times do the bulbs show they are on when they are off. It always takes a few taps of the button to remedy this. Mildly annoying. Especially when I am not home.

Things that have been rock solid
-Visonic MCT-340 E sensors
-Lowes Iris 3326-L Motion sensors
-Leviton DZ15S switch
-Kwikset Connect lock
-Pushover with HSM
-Hubitat local dashboard with localized older phones and tablets as a control panel
-Cree LED bulbs

Things that have been hit or miss
-Smartthings sensors (lot of resets by pulling battery)
-Lowes Iris 3320-L sensors (lot of resets by pulling battery)

Things that have not been rock solid
-Sylvania bulb status

Thats it for now. Once things start to pop up or happen I will record it here so theres a public log of things.


And here’s how my dashboard looks on my cell phone


Love the detail of your system! Too bad about the Iris contact sensors. Looks like you only have two, is that correct?
Have you tried Sengled lights? Seem to work well for me.


I have a dozen of the iris sensors but only two hooked up.

And I haven’t tried the other bulbs yet. I actually have an ikea rgb bulb acting as a normal bulb and it’s been solid too. Eventually I will replaced the sylvania lights.



I am considering one of these to replace a wired sensor on one of my windows where the wires are broken somewhere. How have they been working for you? I have read that they sometimes fail and the mesh has to be repaired to get them to work. Have you seen this?



I would say that they’re no different then the Lowe’s or Samsung sensors

I have it on my front door and because it gets used constantly there’s no issues with it

Occasionally maybe once every other month I have to pop the battery out and put the battery back in

The range on them is quite low though