Driggs' Hubitat System - An ongoing project thread

Its been a week short of 6 months with the Hubitat, and I thought I would share where I am at now. Any updates to the system and I will keep it posted here.

First off a map of my setup:

The image is kinda small so heres a google drive link

Overall things have been great.

-The Sylvania bulbs still do not correctly have their status reflected in the dashboard. Many many many times do the bulbs show they are on when they are off. It always takes a few taps of the button to remedy this. Mildly annoying. Especially when I am not home.

Things that have been rock solid
-Visonic MCT-340 E sensors
-Lowes Iris 3326-L Motion sensors
-Leviton DZ15S switch
-Kwikset Connect lock
-Pushover with HSM
-Hubitat local dashboard with localized older phones and tablets as a control panel
-Cree LED bulbs

Things that have been hit or miss
-Smartthings sensors (lot of resets by pulling battery)
-Lowes Iris 3320-L sensors (lot of resets by pulling battery)

Things that have not been rock solid
-Sylvania bulb status

Thats it for now. Once things start to pop up or happen I will record it here so theres a public log of things.

And here’s how my dashboard looks on my cell phone

Love the detail of your system! Too bad about the Iris contact sensors. Looks like you only have two, is that correct?
Have you tried Sengled lights? Seem to work well for me.

I have a dozen of the iris sensors but only two hooked up.

And I haven’t tried the other bulbs yet. I actually have an ikea rgb bulb acting as a normal bulb and it’s been solid too. Eventually I will replaced the sylvania lights.


I am considering one of these to replace a wired sensor on one of my windows where the wires are broken somewhere. How have they been working for you? I have read that they sometimes fail and the mesh has to be repaired to get them to work. Have you seen this?


I would say that they’re no different then the Lowe’s or Samsung sensors

I have it on my front door and because it gets used constantly there’s no issues with it

Occasionally maybe once every other month I have to pop the battery out and put the battery back in

The range on them is quite low though

June 5, 2019

Been really annoyed at all the Sylvania lightify bulbs that dont seem to talk properly with the hubitat, and dont give the proper on/off status of the bulb. Swapped them out for my old CREE bulbs with the bad firmware that causes them to blink. I moved some bulbs around so the occasional blinking bulbs are not in an area that will bother anyone.

I know folk dont like the CREE bulbs, but I have to say they have all been rock solid. The ones that got updated and have the blinking firmware still work perfect. And all the older firmware off the shelf ones are rock solid as well.

Had a few sensors with bad batteries that I replaced. I really wish the Hubitat would correct the proper battery % as well. Would be great if they focused on this capability instead of the useless mobile app.

which ST sensors were you referring to that didnt work well ?

Contact sensors. The multisensor v4. Some have worked great, some havent. I think I have a few bad ones as I received a bunch of them used and I think someone used some aggressive manners to remove the batteries in the past.

Ah I see

Installed the IKEA Tradfri outlet with great success.. No IKEA hub, just the outlet straight to the Hubitat.

I put it somewhere where I cant manually turn something on/off as the outlet doesnt have a switch like the Sylvania units do.

So Ill be moving the Sylvania unit to somewhere that I can push the button when I need to. The IKEA unit turns on a bank of lights in my garage based on motion.

I bought some load controllers/relay/switch off ebay.

Picked up two of them
ebay link

These are for my furnace and ac unit, so i can track power useage. I didnt put them after the furnace controller as thats 24v. But the nice thing is I can track useage, and also shut power off remotely if I want to.

They paired with hubitat right away and seem to be working great!

What different methods have you tried to get this to work? I have seen where others do a timed reset to update their Hue bulb status, etc. I have around 30 of the Sylvania can lights, 20 of the Eaton Halo LED can lights, and 20 other Sylvania bulbs throughout the house. They all have the same problem. of not showing the correct on/off/dim status after a change. I can hit the button in the UI and they respond immediately, but they don't in the dashboard unless I refresh manually. This causes problems with the Circadian Daylight app because it doesn't see them as on, and doesn't update the color.

Knowing what you have tried will help greatly.


I installed this right after the original post. They have worked flawlessly. Temp offset was HUGE. That was the only Hmmm? moment I experienced setting it up.


Honestly I haven’t taken any steps. I installed them, and that’s it. I should not have to go about trying all sorts of different methods to get them to properly display status on the dashboard. They’re readily available and frankly hubitat should have them all sorted out.

The one annoying thing about hubitat is that they don’t have a list of 100% working devices. Instead it’s relied upon users it seems. And even that is a stretch. This isn’t an eBay or Rakuten no name bulb. So it’s a bummer.

Long story short, I haven’t done anything. I’d love to see a solution but I’m not spending time on the message board looking for own.