Double tap missing for new Sengled Button Controller driver and Button Controllers 3.1

I see that button double taps are registering with the new driver on my Sengled E1E-G7F.

However, double tap doesn't show up as an option in Button Controller 3.1.

Is there a possibility of getting double tap added to Button Controllers? Double tap does populate as an option in Rule Machine, so I can use that. The reason I'd like to see it in the Button Controllers App is because everything that I have been reading lately has recommended that we use light weight apps where possible, instead of RM. Thanks!

Either the device doesn't really support double taps (if you previously used a different driver, the value of that "doubleTapped" attribute could just be a leftover) or it appears they send an event for that attribute but forgot to actually declare the capability in the driver, meaning Button Controller (or any app--this wouldn't be BC-specific) woun't see the "double tappable" capability or therefore offer you this option.

Tagging @mike.maxwell here under the assumption he might have written this driver or at least know the truth about the device. :slight_smile: (I don't have one and am trying to resist the urge to buy one, lest I buy every single button Hubitat supports when I already have the best: Picos. But I digress.)

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Thanks for the quick response. I was using the following driver by @at9:

hubitat/ZigBee-Battery-Accessory-Dimmer.groovy at master ยท at-9/hubitat ยท GitHub

Double tap definitely worked in Button Controllers 3.0 with at9's driver.

I'm not sure how that version of that driver could possibly do that (it appears to only send on/off events or button 1-4 pushed events, some of which appear to correspond to a double-tap on the device), but I suppose Mike will know the answer for how the Hubitat driver was implemented or what the device does. In the meantime, you could see if any events get generated for a double-tap on the device itself or if you enable debug logging and see anything there when it happens that is distinct from two repeated single taps. Or we wait. :smiley:

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Yes, buttons 1 and 4 support double tab, the doubleTapable capability was not included although the events for these are created we'll get this updated.

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I had been using Wink for years. I received my Hubitat about 2 weeks before Wink made their subscription announcement. The Hubitat staff and community make me so very happy that I switched. Thanks so much for everything!


Are there any issues with anyone who is using this button controller? (See Sengled Smart Light Switch)

I am thinking of getting one or more of these. But, I would love to know if there are any issues before I buy.

Battery life was horrible for me. I boxed them backed up after less than 3 weeks. I went through 3 different batteries, each remote during that time. I ended up getting a Lutron Smart Bridge pro and a bunch of Pico remotes. Pico's are the best!

Wow, 9 batteries total in 3 weeks?

I started having issues as well with the batteries every 4-6 weeks dying but now it seems to have stopped.

If I had my time again I would have bought more of these which have been rock solid.

Did something change in your setup ? Better or more repeaters? Updated driver?

Nothing changed but I am conscious to keep using them to see if they are still working regularly.

I was halfway to Dreamland when I wrote that. I have two remotes. I replaced the battery in both remotes once a week for 3 weeks before giving up on them. So, 6 battery changes in 3 weeks. The first 2 were the batteries that came with the remote. I didn't see it odd that those went dead quickly because in my experience any factory included battery is usually poor quality. The other 4 batteries were new.

On occasion, the remotes would become unresponsive. The fix would be to remove the battery for about 15 minutes and then put it back in the remote. That was another frustrating issue that I ran into.

One remote was about 7 feet from a Zigbee repeater and the other was about 4 feet from the Hubitat hub. I tried different drivers and there were even a few hub firmware updates during this time. I was hoping that my issues were just software related and could be fixed with new drivers or hub firmware, but they were not.

I personally do not like the look of the Lutron switches/dimmers as light switch replacements, so never really thought of Lutron as an option for me. I was getting despite for a dependable button solution though. I had a Lutron wall plug and Pico remote combo lying around from my Wink (r.i.p.) days and remembered that it worked really well for my Christmas tree lights. There are MANY people on this forum that love the Pico remote, so I bought a bridge and gave it a try. I now have 4 Pico remotes controlling various different things in my home, not just lights. This turned out to be the best solution for me.

This post was after way too much coffee, so sorry about the rambling and run on sentences.

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I think this was the exact issue that the others had. I may get a couple just to see how they work in my system. As inexpensive as they are, it won't hurt to try them.