Double Presence RM


Looking for help with a RM x Withings sleep pad rule.

I have two sleep pads that i setup to activate an A/C and close bedroom blinds when we get into bed at night.

My problem is when one of us is in bed, it activates just fine, however when the second person joins it reactivates the A/C.

How do i set the rule to say if presence is detected/true to not perform the actions?

Secondly, i want the rule to add to the rule, if both presents deteched/true turn off all other lights etc.

many thanks!

I'm new to Hubitat, having it only about a month so far. But I'll take a stab at this.

How about create a variable called AnybodyInBed and set it to false? Then configure your trigger rule to fire with your existing triggers and if AnybodyInBed is False. Toggle the value of the variable to True when either pad activates. As long as one of the pads is activated, the other one leaving shouldn't affect the variable (like if one of you gets up to go to the bathroom). Also, the 2nd pad activation shouldn't retrigger the A/C b/c the variable is already True.


And use the boolean-OR combiner.

Thank you both,

I think the combined presence will be exactly what i mean.

I am still struggling with the RM logic!