Double light switch, Zemismart? Yagusmart?


I have one of these -

It is paired to Hubitat and it is an ohhh the Zigbee device.
If I set the driver to generic zigbee one switch can be controlled.

Any advice on how to control the second switch.
Also any links on how to write your own drivers or is it a case of look at one and work it out?

thank you.

Try the Generic Zigbee Switch from @markus .

Thank you, that worked a dream.

Just tried pairing one today, and all I get are white flashing lights, the hub cant see it at all.
How do you reset them, I read just press and hold for 5 seconds?

It took me a few attempts to Pair, I was ready to send it back.

I pressed one of the buttons for 5secs, then button 1 would flash "rapid"
Then i just pair zigbee device as normal.

Previously I was doing it from my phone and hubitat could never find it.
When I done it from the desktop PC it worked first time almost instantly.
This of course might be a coincidence.

P.S. it past the wife test, she want all the house light switches changed..

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Did they flash white, because I see pics and vids of them with a blue light.

But funny you should mention it didn't work from your phone, as this is what I was doing. Off to try again with my surface :+1: Fingers :crossed_fingers:

100% blue, not white.

OMFG! Maybe I should check if the lightbulb works or not, before buying a replacement switch :thinking:

Now paired and working! And a morning lost. Id tried 3 other switches too! :joy::rofl::joy:

I have just received a couple of these Yagusmart wall switches to test.

Yagusmart Switch

They seem to work fine with either @markus's driver from post #2 or the built in nue zigbee switch driver, but neither of these tag the on/off events with physical/digital as some drivers do.

Anyone any idea if this is even possible with these to distinguish between physical and digital on/off?

To answer my own question, I have found that if I use the (built in) Generic Zigbee Switch driver rather than the Nue Zigbee Switch one, that does give the type of switch as either physical/digital.

One wierd issue I have found with these though, I cannot get groups to work with the single gang version of these. The individual switches of the double gangs work fine in groups, but the singles don't respond at all. I've tried with both the Nue Zigbee Switch and Generic Zigbee switch drivers and while they both work the device individually they don't work in a Group. Even a group with just one switch in doesn't work.

Anyone else with these fancy checking in case it's something specific to mine please?

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